Brief History of Black diamond gospel chapel

In 1948, four men (Trevor Peacock, Pete Binns, Harry Hayes, Royal Ruggles) purchased the old Church of Christ building on the corner of 1 st Ave. SW in Black Diamond. This became the first church building for the Black Diamond Gospel Chapel.
The first minister was Roland Hawkes, who held his first service on October 3 rd, 1948. Mr. Hawkes was the pastor until he retired on April 1 st, 1980.
The Chapel operated as an independent church until 1984 when it joined the AGC. A new church building was constructed at 212 Centre Ave. West with it’s first service being conducted on July 19 th, 1992.

After Pastor Hawkes retired, the pastors have been:

Tom Gordon (April 1980 – April 1982)
Bob Dewbury (August 1982 – August 1988)
Henry Fehr (July 1989 – January 1993)
Art Siemens (June 1993 – June 1999)
Russ Worrad (August 1999 – October 2002)
Matt Martens (September 2003 – Present)
John Park (July 2008 - May 2010)
Bryce Letkeman (May 2012 - Present)