The proclamation of the gospel is clearly at the heart of the Scriptures.  The final words that Christ gave His disciples before ascending to the Father were, "you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."  It is clear - our job is to be His witnesses in our local community as well as abroad!

Below is a brief bio on the missionaries that the Black Diamond Gospel Chapel supports:

Alex & Jo-ann macris: greece

Alex & Jo-Ann Macris were married in 1996.  They have been blessed with four beautiful children; Elizabeth, Alison, Johnathan, and David.

Alex Macris is the Director for Broad Reach Maritime. BRM is the maritime branch of Hellenic Ministries. Its goal is to reach the many unevangelized islands of Greece and beyond. Discipleship is the on-going focus of Broad Reach. Alex is also the skipper of the 52ft Schooner, "Morning Star."  With a tool such as M/Star transportation of ministry teams, evangelistic outreach, weekend excursions and discipleship training can all take place.
Alex has also directed and assisted HM's camp ministry, for the past 8 years at their seafront facility Porto Astro.
As HM is a multifaceted organization, leadership in key areas is needed. Opportunities to lead and be part of the leadership team are an integral part of the Alex & Jo-Ann Macris family.

Clive & Sharlane Donaldson: Alaska

Clive and Sharlane both grew up in Alberta, Clive in Calgary and Sharlane in Red Deer and Rosebud.  They first went to Alaska with SEND International for four months in 1977 while married students at Prairie Bible Institute.  After that summer, the Lord directed them back to Glennallen for long-term service, arriving in 1980.  Black Diamond Gospel Chapel has partnered with them since those early years and is their home/sending church.  Clive has worked in the SEND North field office from the beginning, serving as field treasurer since 1990.  Sharlane worked in the lab at Cross Road Medical Center (originally Faith Hospital) helping to meet both spiritual and physical needs of area residents.  The Donaldsons moved to Anchorage in 2011 when SEND North's field headquarters relocated to the city to better facilitate a new vision of outreach to people all across the North.  As part of the Logistics and Support team, Clive continues to find it meaningful to serve fellow-missionaries so they can concentrate on the ministry the Lord has called them to.

George & Ulli Hertwig

Vova & Taniana Burnashev: Yakutia

Vladimir has the privilege of serving God among his own people.

I was born in Yakutia in the coldest inhabited region on earth where the temperature drops to -70°C/ -95 F. As a child I remember my family believing in many gods and spirits, which is typical of the Yakut people”.  Sakha or Yakut people - the largest indigenous group in Siberia.

To this day, my people do not have a fully translated Bible in the Yakut language.

My wife and I work in Yakutia translating the Bible, creating audio and video materials, visiting remote villages with no believers, helping them to know God.

Tucker & Grace Grose

We are Tucker and Grace Grose and we live in South Hazelton, British Columbia and are involved in evangelism and discipleship to the Gitxsan Indian tribe of the local area through the ministry of North America Indigenous Ministries (NAIM Ministries).

Tucker has worked part time 4 years and full time 26 years for NAIM Ministries, having been involved in a wilderness camping program for native teens, and evangelism, discipleship, and church planting with a small tribe in southern British Columbia. Grace worked for 4 years at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch with United Indian Missions (UIM), a Bible camp in New Mexico for Native children and teens before marrying and joining Tucker in a mobilizing ministry of Native American/First Nations believers into missions among unreached indigenous people groups around the world, and now our current work with the Gitxsan people.

For the past 15 years we have been involved in a mobilization ministry of educating and encouraging First Nations and Native American believers in western Canada and western United States to participate in the Great Commission.  This has involved networking among Native believers, traveling to meet with and teach them, and offering opportunities to serve on short term ministry trips. We have been focusing on outreach to unreached indigenous people groups of central and northeast Asia who have cultures similar to Native North Americans.  As Gitxsan disciples grow we will be encouraging them to participate in the Great Commission.